Article 1 – Capacity of the boat: The boat can accommodate up to 9 adults.

Article 2 – Authority: For safety reasons, the captain is the only person with authority on board. His decisions are indisputable. The customer and his guests acknowledge that they have read the General Terms and Conditions and accept them as they are.

Article 3 – Accident insurance: The renter and his companions are insured on board for the practice of water sports.

Article 4 – Booking: To book your sports cruise, simply fill in the contact form and attach a brief description (desired date, number of people, boarding point, number of hours of rental, special arrangements). We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the availability of the boat. You can also contact us by phone. The minimum rental period is two hours.

Article 5 – Purpose: Renting is only allowed for sports and leisure activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, monoskiing and towed buoys. Cruises without activities are not accepted. If customers no longer wish to engage in sporting activities, they will be taken back to the dock and no refund will be issued.

Article 6 – Cancellation: If the weather conditions do not allow for the cruise to take place in optimal safety conditions, upon decision taken by the captain, or in case of damage preventing the rental, the customer has two options: either full refund or postponement of the cruise to a later date.

Article 7 – Damage on board: Damage caused by customers and their guests may be charged to customers at the same price as for new equipment if it turns out that the insurance does not cover it.